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Garden at Sainte Adresse, Claude Monet | Paint Kit

Garden at Sainte Adresse, Claude Monet | Paint Kit

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Each kit comes with all color variations needed, 4 paint brushes, instructions, and picture of the final product. 

The Garden at Sainte Adresse is a piece by Claude Money, that gives us a glimpse of summer in France during the 18th century. The scene shows four people, who are said to be Monet’s relatives, relaxing in a garden by the seaside of a resort. Luscious green leaves and flowers in different tones that complement the beautiful outdoor scene fill the beautiful garden. Two long poles with the French and Belgian flag are also placed near the fences, waving in the direction of the wind. Beyond the fences are boats sailing across the coast.

Monet’s style focused on perception, capturing outdoor scenes by using spots of pure color and rapid strokes that give the illusion of a moving object such as the coast overlooking the garden. This technique was then referred to as impressionism, where an artist tries to capture the movement and life of what is happening before their eyes.

 Size: 16" x 20" in.

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