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Joshua Tree, Palo Santo + Sage | Room + Linen Spray

Joshua Tree, Palo Santo + Sage | Room + Linen Spray

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Palo Santo + sage all-natural room, linen + body spray Palo santo, sage, and a zest of orange peel. Bring the desert's calm into your space and being. Spritz and let the desert tranquility wash over you. 3.4 oz | 100 ml

BEHIND THE SCENT You know that peace you feel under the desert sky? That's the heart of JOSHUA TREE. The spiritual burning of palo santo, the purifying touch of sage, and a brightness from orange peel reminiscent of the midday sun. Grounding, yet full of adventure.

Top: Orange Peel Middle: Palo Santo, Sage

Base: Cedarwood

Ingredients: organic sugarcane alcohol, 100% all-natural fragrance

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