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Rosemary Dangling Earrings

Rosemary Dangling Earrings

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These stainless steel earrings, dangling on both sides, can be worn as pictured, or wrapped around the ear if you have a second hole in your lobe. We love this jewelry because it is tarnish free! So wear it in the shower, ocean, or to the gym. 

 Victoire Collection is a Parisian jewelry brand founded by Victoire Reyboubet, 4 years ago. Since she was a child, Victoire had a passion for jewelry and manual activities and began to create her jewelry at a very young age. It was when she arrived in Paris for her studies that Victoire met suppliers of jewelry findings and decided on a whim to start. Victoire Collection was born. Victoire Collection is above all a brand of costume jewelry created & selected in Paris. The universe of the brand is based on fine, delicate and timeless designs. Victoire works with fine stones and water-resistant materials, such as gold plated, silver or stainless steel, to allow women to never leave their jewelry...

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